Design Principles

This development aims to become a benchmark in sustainability. Energy is a very limited resource and every opportunity should be made to conserve it. Designing to conserve energy was a major criteria of consideration,

A great amount of saving of energy will be realized by the users of this development as follows;

The orientation of most of the apartment windows are along the north and south axis which will remain shaded during the day, ensuring that direct heat from the sun shinning into the living spaces is eliminated to keep these spaces cool. Deep balcony areas at the front will also play a key role in shading the large open able balcony doors.


It is envisaged that all spaces and rooms will naturally ventilated and cooled through cross ventilation. All these spaces have a window access to the outdoors. 

Natural Lighting

However well designed and efficient artificial lighting equipment may be, the highest quality and most efficient light source is daylight. The amount of lighting received at the coast is sufficient enough to ensure that there is no need for artificial lighting in any of the spaces during the days.

Waste water treatment

Waste water will be treated and reused to water the landscaped gardens thereby ensuring lush green landscape throughout the year

Fresh and borehole water

Fresh water will be provided by the county and borehole water will be a be available.