Discover the magic of Watamu

From pristine beaches to lush forest

The world famous ruins of Gede are a historical and archaeological site that attracts visitors from across the globe. Located only 15 minutes from Sands of Darakasi, this 800 year old site is full of architectural, cultural, religious and artistic treasures. It traces its origin in the twelfth century but was rebuilt with new town walls in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Currently, the Monument is under the care of the National Museums of Kenya and in addition to being a very important archaeological site, the Gede Snake Park is home to a magnificent array of snake species.


Mida Creek is a broadwater tidal creek, which is 32 Km2, surrounded by extensive mangroves. It has healthy beds of seagrass and corals and is home to many species of fish and turtles. With its tangle of mangroves small streams and inlets, it also provides refuge to crabs and a myriad of birdlife. The boardwalk and deck that has been built over the mangroves offers panoramic views across the creek.